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Did You Know That Selfcare Helps Build Mental Resilience?

Beautiful woman holding natural deodorant stick.  The best natural deodorant for bipoc people
Natural Deodorant

Take a leap of faith with us!
Although natural deodorants often get a bad rep, our solution is a unique formula with mood boosting scents that will keep you feeling dry and fresh all day long.

Shampoo and Body Wash for all hair types
Hair & Body Wash

Do you know the power of a shower is not simply a routine task, but an opportunity to positively impact your mental health & well-being everyday?
Uplift your mood and revitalizes your spirit with our multipurpose Hair & Bodywash.

Woman rubbing lotion on legs showing healthy glowing skin.  Body Buttercream for hydrating skin
Hair & Body Buttacream

Did you know that stress can cause dry skin and brittle hair? Our Hair & Body Buttacreme is specially formulated with superpower ingredients for exceptional nourishing, softening and hydrating benefits. Invest in your wellness to stay #UnstressednBlessed

woman owned natural deodorant business
hand crafted natural deodorant
mood boosting natural scents
quality plant based natural ingredients
In honour of Kayshaun Bennett


What Do You Get When You Remix Selfcare with Amazing Natural Scents and Jesus? Daily Revitalization of your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Inspire You to live a Happier, Healthier Life.



I love this remarkably effective product! It works a full 24 hours and never fails me!

Diane Callback

Great deodorant!

I bought one for myself and my hubby and we are both extremely satisfied! It smells great, doesn’t stain, and it lasts a long time. Thank you so much and I appreciate your service!!!


I’m Impressed!

Ive tried quite a few different natural deodorants and this one works well
for me! Will repurchase :)

Coco Kelly


The formula is very moisturizing for the armpits. The lavender really comes through in the Sweet Calm with a hint of vanilla. I’d love to smell the vanilla bit more but overall it’s a very calming, comforting scent. One application for the day is usually enough.


Hands down one of best buttercreme

I love the versatility of the product. You can use it from head to toe. It keeps the skin so moisturized. I highly recommend this product.


The sweet calm natural deodorant is amazing. I work out every day and this stuff holds up way better than other natural deodorants I’ve tried. I love the’s very fresh and it’s very long lasting. Definitely recommend!


The best!

I’ve been on the natural deodorant wave for years. While I haven’t been pleased with most of the high end brands I’ve stuck to them because it beats the latter. I’m glad to say that this deodorant beats all the high end brands


Love the natural deodorant.

It smells super fresh and feels light on my skin. Lasts all day too.


First time using natural deodorant

I discovered you guys back in the fall and tried my first stick. Loved it so I decided to reorder and subscribe. Love supporting locally black owned businesses.


Body Buttercreme

Our whole family loves this cream! It is an amazing moisturizer and the smell is refreshing.

Spiritual Awakening

On a daily basis, our senses play an important role in our wellness due to their intrinsic effects on the body. At S+J, we wanted to be intentional about your experience with us so each product has an accompanying aroma profile, colour inspiration and biblical scripture that you can connect with daily to uplift your mood & invoke deeper spiritual awakening.

Vanilla Mint body butter

Proverbs 16:24

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.


Clean Natural Ingredients

Made in Ontario, check out our ingredient glossary to learn more about the ingredients in each product.


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