9 Mins can make a difference

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Let me tell you all a story. I fell into a hole. As I looked around me I
saw nothing but darkness. I looked up and saw a little beam of light.
The only thing is I didn’t know how to lift myself up to get there...and
to be very honest, I enjoyed my dark hole. There was no one judging
me, I was comfortable and loved the silence. I tried to push myself
harder to get up and follow the beautiful sounds of birds and the
smell of fresh flowers but I still loved my dark hole.
I understand there are people out there that need me but I need
myself right now. Spending time alone is important as well. Hold on
sis! Are you taking care of yourself while you spend time alone? Do
you really enjoy this dark hole? Can you find your self care products?
Are you praying? Are you even reaching out to the people you love?
The answer is no to all of the above. So how is this dark hole
benefiting you ? You HAVE to get out NOW!!!.

I got a text message from my friends, it says “hey luv you iight?” I
quickly respond with “hello I’m doing ok, grateful is the word”.
Sometimes we use the word grateful to mask what we really go through. Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond grateful for life and the gift of sight and smell. But me being in my dark hole limits me from using the blessings I have to elevate myself and others. “Gratitude is great, but sometimes it can go deeper...” they say.

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Now my friends want to call me to check in. I feel uncomfortable ...
what do I say? Should I be honest and tell them about the beam of
light I desperately want to enjoy? “Hello .. what’s up sis? How’s
everything? I haven’t heard from you in a while”. I opened up and told
them my fears, my frustration and my hopes. It was a beautiful
conversation. I slowly started to see that little beam of light expand. I
smelled the nature around me. I looked around and saw vibrant
colours and heard people laughing. Before I knew it I was no longer
surrounded by darkness. I felt loved, I felt important and I was ready
to make sure others felt the same. This conversation took exactly 9 
minutes. 9 minutes to check in, 9 minutes to feel motivated, 9
minutes to inspire me and 9 minutes to feed someone hope.

Moral of the story,

  1. Check in on the people you care about. Start off with a simple text.
  2. Follow the beam of light DO NOT LOSE SIGHT.
  3. Self Care is so very important so please normalize it.

This story is dedicated to two queens whom I admire. You know who
you are. Thank you for being you.

Sister Drew

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